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This is a non-public page I'm using to organize my thoughts and ideas.

Should we globally change the initialism to LGBTQIA2S+ ?

Structurally, the Staff page should have small pics at the top with 1-2 sentences max, then scroll down to large pics with 1-2 paragraphs that are linked to the contact page. From there, anyone who wants to say more should have a separate profile page where they can have as much space as they need without overwhelming the others , which will also let the people who choose to say less not feel pressured to fill space. 

There's a lot of current content that is very Seal-specific that's hard to generalize to the practice overall, for example: Seal tends to incorporate a "get it done" brief therapy philosophy, but I don't know if that's true for everyone. If there's someone who tends more to want to work with people for extended time periods, how do I reflect that in the FAQ language?

The Process of Therapy page should also list the individual therapists (is that the preferred language, or is there another word I should use?) with a quick link to their full bio.

Staff allocation will inform the final setup of the contact page: perhaps have a dropdown for each staff member and a "first available"? Are staff picking their clients like a Lead Board, am I directing traffic based on staff telling me their ability and preferences, or are clients in charge of who they're working with? How are staff managing their schedules?

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