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We believe everyone deserves and should have access to mental health care, and we do everything we can to make sure that’s true. We offer services to all folks, regardless of the ability to pay. 


We take most insurance plans. If you don’t have insurance, we're happy to help you get it (if you want it). If you don't have insurance, you can use sliding scale pricing. If you are at or below the Federal Poverty Rate, and do not have insurance, your services are pro bono.


We also accept CareCredit.


There is never money shame in our office. You pay what you can afford. Some folks pay more and some folks pay less. If someone is having financial struggles, we will figure it out. No one gets turned away.

Financial Philosophy

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Diagnosis, Screening, and Assessment

In order to plan for you to have a map to get better, we offer screening and assessment so we can understand where to start. 

During your first session, and then periodically during our work together, we'll go over what you're experiencing, symptoms, struggles, things other folks have noticed about you. We'll talk about risk factors or behaviors that may indicate suicidal or self-harm behavior. We'll talk about substance use. And then together we will name what is going on, so that your clinician can diagnose you. We also make it a firm practice to explicitly explain any diagnosis we feel fits you. It's important to understand what's going on. 

Treatment Planning

We will provide recommendations for how we plan to help you get better. You get to state your goals (or we'll help you figure those out) and then we put together steps to help you get there. The combo of hard work in our office, and steps you take outside the office, resources, ideas, will help you get to be the best you!

Care Coordination

We help connect my folks with other folks they need: gender affirming medical care, social workers, housing or food support, support looking for work or training. You're not alone; there's lots of help available.

Who We Meet With

We offer individual therapy, family therapy, relational therapy (couples, polys), and group therapy.

EMDR/Trauma Therapy

Trauma affects and infects every part of a person’s life. We believe that most diagnoses are because of trauma. Trauma impacts physical health, emotional health, mental health, relationship health. EMDR is an incredible therapy that helps folks process their trauma and put it in the past--where it belongs--once and for all. 

We specialize in chronic trauma. We work with C-PTSD and DID. 


We help people understand the therapy, understand their symptoms, and why they are happening, and understand that better happens. We teach skills that work. Our people graduate from therapy and move on with their lives.


We focus on queer folks and trauma because Seal is queer and had chronic trauma. Seal believes that the most effective therapists are simply folks who dealt with their own issues and learned how to help others. This is what Seal did. Seal dealt with their chronic trauma, and continues to deal with it. And we help other folks do the same.

We follow WPATH guidelines. We do assessments and provide letters for surgeries and other gender-affirming care. 

Relationship Counseling

Seal is a licensed marriage and family therapist, which means they see the systems that our people exist within, and how they are expressing the trouble in the system.

Seal works with families, couples, polycules. They take a trauma-based approach.


As a certified personal trainer and yoga instructor, Seal lives in a fat body and believe that all bodies are good bodies. So, they work with folks through a lens of health at every size. Seal teaches movement classes, yoga, and one-on-one personal training for all bodies!

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