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The Legacy of Bad Therapists

If you've had a bad therapist, don't give up on therapy. You deserve to find the support you need to heal; you deserve to heal.

I have had so many folks talk to me, both in and out of the therapy room, about how a bad therapist has ruined therapy for them.

I say right up front that I am not the therapist for everyone. And I am human and I know I have made mistakes. That being said, I try to stay within the bounds of ethics at all times. And within my scope of practice, which means I don't talk about things I don't know or haven't received training in.

I assume that most of these therapists are not actually bad people, but the relationship is a mismatch. (Some therapists are bad, and please file a complaint if you have an experience like this.) Not every therapist is for everyone. I am not. I have an intense style; I am very blunt and I believe that folks can heal. One of my dearest friends is a therapist who has nearly the complete opposite of style: gentle and reflective and existential. And we get to the same place in the end most of the time. Different styles of therapist are valid and necessary.

As a person seeking therapy, you are hiring. You have the power to hire me, or fire me. You have power. If I don't work for you, fire me and try someone else. Please do not let a bad experience with one therapist sour you off all therapy! Please don't let a bad therapist prevent you from healing!

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