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How much do you charge?


I take most insurance plans. If you don’t have insurance, I’m happy to help you get it (if you want it). If you don’t have insurance, you can use sliding scale pricing. The top of my scale is $200 per session (this is what I charge the insurance companies) and the bottom of my scale is $60 per hour. I also accept CareCredit.


If you are at or below the Federal Poverty Rate, and do not have insurance, your services are pro bono. There is never money shame in my office. You pay what you can afford. Some folks pay more and some folks pay less. If someone is having financial struggles, we will figure it out. No one is turned away because they can't pay.


Do you provide a Good Faith Estimate?

Absolutely! Not only do I comply with the No Surprises Act, but I believe in no financial surprises in general. In fact, the most financial surprises and struggles that come for most folks who see me is understanding insurance deductibles and such. I will provide a Good Faith Estimate in writing to any who ask for it.

How long does therapy last?

It varies! Folks with simple PTSD can work with me for a few months. Complex trauma is most often 6 months to a year. Folks with DID can be several years. Everyone gets to work with me as long as they need me; there is no set amount of time.

Who do you most often work with?

I specialize in queer folks and trauma, specifically chronic trauma. I believe queer folks deserve to feel good and safe and whole in their bodies. I believe trauma folks deserve to feel good and safe and whole in their bodies. I believe queer folks with trauma deserve to feel good and safe and whole. If folks don’t agree with this, I’m sure we can find someone else for you!

What is EMDR?

EMDR is the number-one most evidence-based treatment for trauma in the world. EMDR is an incredible therapy that helps folks process their trauma and put it in the past—where it belongs—once and for all. It heals PTSD. It heals borderline personality disorder. It heals.

How is your process different from other therapists?

I don’t believe in forever therapy. Therapy, the word, comes from the Greek and means 'to heal'. My job is not to maintain clients forever; my job is to help folks heal so they can go out and live their lives. And I do that. I focus on queer folks and trauma because I am queer and I had chronic trauma. I believe that the most effective therapists are simply folks who dealt with their own issues and learned how to help others. This is what I did. I dealt with my chronic trauma, and continue to deal with it. And I help other folks. I am queer. I live in the world in a queer body and I help other folks.

What is it like to work with you?

My clients are some of the most brave, powerful, incredible people I’ve ever met. I’m honored to work with them and see this power and resilience every day. I’m honored to win their trust, because they do not trust. I am honored to help you on this journey, because it was my journey too.


Folks believe they don’t deserve care, or they won’t get better, or they blame themselves for the things that are wrong. Quite literally these are criteria for diagnosis! Folks with chronic trauma will always believe: 1. It wasn’t that bad (whatever happened to them), 2. Others had it so much worse. 3. They probably deserved what happened to them. These are trauma thoughts, but they can be barriers to asking for help. But I understand chronic trauma, because I had chronic trauma, and I understand these thoughts. These thoughts can’t come from anywhere else BUT trauma! They are diagnostic!

I have other questions; how can I ask them?

Folks can email. I’m hard to reach on the phone, so all my clients text me. You can too!

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