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Who I Am

Seal Dwyer, MS, LMFT

About Me

I have a Masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy.


I am a licensed marriage and family therapist, meaning I see the systems that my people exist within, and how they are expressing the trouble within these systems.

I am EMDRIA Certified EMDR Therapist. EMDR is the number one most evidence based treatment for trauma in the world. EMDR is an incredible therapy that helps folks process their trauma and put it in the past--where it belongs--once and for all. It heals PTSD. It heals DID. It heals borderline personality disorder. It heals, period.

I am a registered yoga teacher, RYT-200. I am a NETA-certified personal trainer. I am a certified Yoga for All Teacher.


I help people with trauma and gender/sexuality issues understand their therapy, understand their symptoms and why they are happening, and understand that better happens. I teach skills that work. My people graduate from therapy and move on with their lives.

My ideal client is old enough to have say over their life (14+, but I do work with kids and families). I work with queer folks of all kinds. I am anti-racist. Clients who are gifted tend to jive with me. Same with autism. I live in a fat body, and have never had a smaller body, so if they are working on body issues, larger folks will feel more comfortable with me. I do all kinds of trauma, but chronic trauma is my area of greatest interest.


My clients are the most powerful and brave folks I’ve ever met. They face down their worst days and then they go out and change the world. Each of them is a hero of mine and I am so grateful to be part of their journey. 

Who I Help

How I Do It

What's In It for You

I focus on queer folks and trauma because I am queer and I had chronic trauma. I believe that the most effective therapists are simply folks who dealt with their own issues and learned how to help others. This is what I did. I dealt with my chronic trauma, and continue to deal with it. And I help other folks. I am queer. I live in the world in a queer body and I help other folks, many of whom do the same.

I’m challenging. I’m very smart. And I push. I’m very political. I live in a femme, fat, queer body. There isn’t any part of me that isn’t political by nature, so I don’t try to airbrush that. I do not hide my beliefs, opinions, or make myself so falsely "professional" that I’m not human. I’m blunt. I swear. That means I'm not the right therapist for everyone, but I'm very happy to refer people to someone who might be a better fit.

My people get better, and get better fast. I don’t believe in forever therapy. Therapy, the word, comes from the Greek and means "to heal." My job is not to maintain clients forever; my job is to help folks heal so they can go out and live their lives. And I do that. When my clients graduate therapy, they are generally asymptomatic. I am not the therapist for everyone, but generally those who need me find me.