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Hope and Healing in St. Cloud, Minnesota

LGBTQIA+ | Body Image | Relationships | Chronic Trauma

Hope and healing have a home in central MN.


Welcome to Seal Dwyer Counseling! We provide help for people with chronic trauma, gender and sexuality challenges, relationship conflicts, and body image issues. We offer a harm-reduction approach, treating trauma with EMDR. Our therapists treat PTSD, DID, Gender Dysphoria, and trauma- or gender-related concerns as well as stress, anxiety, depression, and other issues affecting our daily lives.


This is where you will find mental health therapy and movement classes in St. Cloud to integrate body and self, feel comfortable in the world, and express your resilience.


Trauma affects and infects every part of a person’s life. I believe that most diagnoses are because of trauma. Trauma impacts physical health, emotional health, mental health, relationship health. Helping one person helps the whole system, and as we heal the systems, we heal the world.

Wait time for new client appointments may be 3-4 weeks depending on flexibility. Individual wait times will vary. 
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EMDR Therapy

Heal the distress of trauma and the symptoms of traumatic memories

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Gender/Sexuality Counseling

Mental health services for queer and gender-questioning folks

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Movement Classes

Feel good, strong, safe, and whole in your body, no matter the size

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Click the image to visit the EMDR International Association

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